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The first phase of each Inner City Players season is a roller coaster ride as everyone needs to take a little time to shake off the rust from football season and their time away from the gym. The try-out process and initial practices provide a barometer to measure the growth our kids have made in the off season, individually and as a team.

With the first phase of the season behind us, we dive into phase 2 immediately after the start of the new year. We get back in the gym and get more into training and skill development, in an effort to improve all of our players basketball basics. One of our policies is to have our practice sessions closed. Closed practices mean parents are only allowed to view practice the first and last 15 minutes. While we appreciate each and everyone of you, the coaches need isolated time as a team to build for a long season.

Once we are back in the gym the focus is on getting into "basketball shape" and sharpening our skill sets. With each practice the teams and coaches begin to bond - where all kids and all teams support one another.
A key element for the success of the program entering the season is having a permanent figure head who can keep stats and video games allowing our staff to better serve the kids, as we will need this support to continue the development process for our student athletes on the court.
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