By Alex Kline

Terrence Jones and Terrence Ross haven€t played a game for Portland Jefferson High in Oregon for over a year and a half. Both, however, left a big impression on the basketball program locally and nationally. As the duo will return to college for their sophomore year and be potential NBA Draft picks in the coming years, Jones at Kentucky and Ross at Washington, their alma mater continues to produce talent.

Kameron Chatman, a 2014 6-foot-4 wing, spent his freshman year playing for Jefferson and getting good playing time. Playing with Portland ICP this season on the AAU circuit, Chatman is a youthful baby face who performs on the big stage against older players.

With the ability to shoot, dribble and pass well for his age, one aspect stands out about his game mentally. The rising sophomore has a very high basketball IQ for his age and usually makes smart decisions on the court. While he may not be the most athletic or explosive player, Chatman gets the job done by creating plays for his teammates or for himself. He is not as fancy or gifted as Jones or Ross, but he is a winner.

Despite the Jefferson Democrats not having the best season, next year could be very good. "We had an okay high school season,€ he stated.€ We fell short but are expecting good things next year, though.€ On the AAU front, Chatman€s Portland ICP team is talented but still trying to find their groove as he plays above his age level. €We have struggled this year at the 17u level,€ he stated. €But we are planning to pick it up later on in the summer once July hits.€

Right now, the offers have not come in just yet for the 2014 rising star, however, the interest is picking up. "I have interest from Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Washington State, Portland, San Francisco and more schools,€ he stated. However, Chatman wants to go to a big name school that is far away from home. €I really like North Carolina, Memphis, Texas, Louisville and Syracuse,€ Chatman said. While these schools have not started expressing interest just yet, a solid July could make a big difference for him.

With the many familiar faces and legacys of his school, look for Kameron Chatman to be the next superstar in the state of Oregon as he plays up a few levels this year. Once he plays on his own age level, Chatman€s recruitment and game could go off the charts.

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